May 2019

Peter Roeser and Matthew Tanner secured a significant win for the co-founder of a marketing agency after a contentious dispute with the other founder.

In 2011, two business partners founded a digital marketing agency that grew into a successful business. In 2018, one partner attempted to buy out the other for far less than the company was valued.

Roeser Tanner & Graham filed a lawsuit against that partner on behalf of the other, alleging breach of fiduciary duties as well as breach of contract and the company’s operating agreement. As a result, the would-be buyer partner agreed to sell his interest in the company to his partner, whose further investment in the company has resulted in significant additional growth.

This victory is the latest in the firm’s streak of high-stakes victories on behalf of business owners. RTG regularly represents founders and partners in complex and difficult situations and is frequently brought in on the eve of trial to resolve disputes.