RTG Successfully Defends IT Execs Against TRO During Pandemic

Jul 2020

RTG attorneys Darrell Graham and Matthew Tanner successfully defended two executives – including on appeal – after their previous employer filed a temporary restraining order alleging breach of contract.

On March 13, 2020, as Illinois was poised to go under a shelter-in-place order, a technology company filed an emergency motion alleging breach of contract by two employees. They claimed the previous employees violated their restrictive covenant by soliciting employees to join their new company, soliciting vendors to move business and disclosing confidential information.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the case was heard via video conference under the emergency procedures put in place by the Circuit Court of Cook County.

RTG attorneys successfully argued against the material accusations on the complaint including showing that restrictive covenants had never been signed and there was no solicitation of employees or clients. This included successfully defending the executives on appeal.